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Patient Testimonials

"The recovery room felt like a hotel suite and my wife and I were well looked after. Having a “personal” nurse stay with me during recovery was an unexpected treat. She was wonderfully attentive the whole time. I wanted to bring her home with me but my wife had other ideas!"
Chris C

"This is an amazing procedure that can cut the down time, cut the pain time, and cut the recovery time to such a minimal amount. It was really almost miraculous."
Chuck P

"The side effects were a main concern, I guess more then thinking of the possibility of not being cured. I felt quite comfortable in a cure. I was uncomfortable with the reported side effects of most standard procedures. Therefore I was very interested in the ultrasound procedure that was both noninvasive and seemed to have lower risk of the adverse side effects. In fact, I would say that within two weeks of the procedure I was biking twenty miles a day. HIFU is going to revolutionize the treatment of Prostate cancer. It certainly is really non-invasive."
Dr. Don E

"The more we read and learned about HIFU, the more convinced we were that it was the best option. I sent my records from my disapproving doctors here in the U.S., the folks at HIFU made all the arrangements for my airfare, my hotel, and my stay in Puerto Vallarta, and I was on my way to Mexico."
James L

"My wife discovered HIFU on the internet late on the Friday night of December 9th and the name of the HIFU doctor in Puerto Vallarta. After the radiologist consultation we were definitely convinced to go with HIFU. In short, we, my wife and I were and are delighted with all aspects of the HIFU clinic in Puerto Vallarta. My 90-day PSA measure is coming up on the 29th of this month and I am looking forward to it."
Leland J

"After three months of due diligence I was within days of scheduling laparoscopic surgery in Nashville. The referral by a local urologist to the doctor and description of the HIFU procedure sounded too good to be true, especially after talking with dozens of patients who had decided on other options and related their lingering issues to me one by one. Long story short, after three more weeks of investigation I went against conventional medical advice and opted for HIFU."
Christian S

"For years I had prostate concerns. After seeing Dr. Lotenfoe and having the Greenlight Laser procedure, I haven’t thought about my prostate in years!"
Thank you Dr. Lotenfoe.
Mark L

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