Orlando Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Facts:

  • Prostate cancer affects one in six men.
  • Prostate cancer risk dramatically increases after age 50.
  • Orlando has a high occurrence of prostate cancer due to its aging population and surrounding retirement communities.

HIFU Facts:

  • Outpatient Procedure
  • Little to No Blood Loss
  • Low Rate of Impotence
  • Low Rate of Incontinence
  • No Radiation


The quality of a HIFU doctor is not measured by how many procedures he has done, but by the outcome of each procedure.  Before selecting a HIFU doctor, make sure you ask the doctor for his HIFU cure success rate.  HIFU for Prostate Cancer uses ultrasound to destroy prostate cancer cells.  This is the same technology used to view babies in the womb & is considered harmless to the human body.  By focusing ultrasound into a single beam onto the cancerous cells, the HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) procedure elevates the temperature of these cancerous prostate cells beyond a sustainable level.  Thus the cancerous prostate cells die.  HIFU for prostate cancer is considered minimally invasive and performed as an outpatient procedure.  HIFU is an approved prostate cancer treatment procedure in many countries, including Germany and Japan.  Currently the FDA has this procedure approved only for clinical trial studies.  As such, individuals seeking this procedure will have to travel to one of the treatment hospitals outside of the U.S.

We encourage you to research more About Us, visit our Video Library or request our HIFU Guide Book for specific comparisons of all procedures currently available.  Should you desire further assistance, we will gladly arrange a personal telephone consultation.



For years I had prostate concerns.  After seeing Dr. Lotenfoe and having the Greenlight Laser procedure, I haven’t thought about my prostate in years!

Thank you Dr. Lotenfoe.

Mark L


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Cancer sparks intense emotions.  Many doctors are not qualified to perform the HIFU procedure and thus spend millions of dollars trying to establish a negative stigma surrounding HIFU.  We know choosing HIFU is a viable and necessary option for many people.  Choosing the right procedure is just as important as choosing the right doctor. Please review our information carefully.  

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